Meet The Manegement


Mr. S.K.Tripathi - Mr. S.K.Tripathi is one of SAKAR INDIA's original founders dating back to its incorporation in 1999. He Is Engineering Graduate ,from class of 1995 of prestigious NIT Jalandhar, Mr. Tripathi has started his career with Selling of Steam Boilers ,Waste Heat Recovery and Fuel oil additives to enhance efficiency, Today, Mr. Tripathi holds positions as THE Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Pankaj Suri - Pankaj Suri also founding member of Sakar is also from class of 1995 of NIT Jallandhar. Over the course of his career at SAKAR INDIA, Mr. Suri has also held positions as Manager of sales Department, Director of sales, Vice President, and Executive Vice President. Currently, Mr. Suri is responsible for all the day-to-day activities of the organization as the Director of sales.

Mr. N.C.Joshi - Mr. N.C.Joshi is also founding member of the Sakar ,began his career at SAKAR INDIA as the Manager of Project Controls. Since inception, Mr. Joshi has also held the positions of Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Manager of Construction, Vice President and Senior Vice President. Today, Mr. Joshi oversees all corporate projects as Director of projects.

Our Key Team Members:

»  Mr. Deepak Mishra (B Tech - Sales Engineer)
»  Mr. Allwin Gupta (Accounts)
»  Mrs. Richa Jain (Accounts)
»  Ajay Tripathi ( Sales - East India)
»  Ms. Gunjan Bisht - BE Mechanical
»  Mr. Binu Kumar - BE Mechanical(Projects)
»  Mr. Prashant Jha - BE Mechanical (Projects)
»  Mr. Rajesh Thakaran - Sales
»  MR. Umesh Kumar - Projects
»  Mr. Sandeep Kumar - Design
»  Mr. Vijay Kushwaha- BE Mechanical ( Projects)
»  Mr. Gangesh Tripathi- Purchase
»  Mr. Sanju Karki - Purchase

Our core strengths are simplicity, practicality, promptness, flexibility and futuristic. All our strength is intended to service our clients and make them realize their goals.